Bill Endorses

Bill Worrell proudly endorses the following companies:


Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Ernie Ball Electric Strings

Ernie Ball Electric Strings

Elixir Acoustic Strings

Elixir Acoustic Strings

Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers

Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers

Bogner Amplifiers / Pedals

Bogner Amplifiers / Pedals

Radial Engineering EVERYTHING!

Radial Engineering EVERYTHING!

Peterson Strobostomp Tuner/DI Pedals

Peterson Strobostomp Tuner/DI Pedals

Strymon Engineering

Strymon Engineering

Fishman Electronics

Fishman Electronics

Samba Pedalboards

Samba Pedalboards


Pedaltrain Power Supplies

Pedaltrain Power Supplies

 Other Equipment:

Dunlop Picks and Slides
Mogami Cables

Special Thanks to:

Fender Guitars
Gibson Guitars

Clean Drinking Water for Developing Countries

Donate to charity: water and join us in our mission to end the water crisis. 100% of your donation brings clean water to people in need.