The Dread Pirate Roberts is a blues-rock trio based in Southern California. They provide a high energy show with music that appeals to all ages and all demographics of rock and blues lovers.


Bill Worrell (Guitar/Vocals):

Living in both Nashville and Los Angeles, Bill Worrell is best known for his work with the band "America". In addition to performing his own music and with TDPR, he performs with the Eagles tribute group "The Long Run - Experience the Eagles".

Jayme Lewis (Bass/Vocals):

Jayme is an active bassist in Los Angeles. He combines live and studio work with his instructional website, Jayme's signature is ability to transition from Victor Wooten inspired jazz/funk to Michael Anthony-style rock and roll...and everything in between.

Brian Kops (Drums/Vocals):

The newest member of DPR, Brian Kops took over for Brian Bothwell upon Bothwell's relocation to Prague, Czechoslovakia. Kops brings a diverse set of skills. His performances on festivals hosting tens of thousands of audience members give him an energy and an edge few drummers have. 

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